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Wendy Hartley's Precious Pet "Nash" BB The Bull Dog's nephew.
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Time to go see moma.....
Dusty and Toby enjoying their spa bath
Smile for the camera
Dusty and Toby "get their groom on".
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Oscar Under Construction
Zeus Meets Marsha
Orion Getting Ready To Show
Chewie Gets A New Look
Could This Turkey Be Next? Stay Tuned..
Amanda Helps Marsha do Harry's Doo
Ginger wants the Special! She feels better now!
Casey Gets Her Groom On
Casey In Vogue
It's Bongo's Turn with the Hot Wrap
Bongo The Beautiful
This one is going to be TROUBLE!
Tilley Gets "The Works"  Amazing Results!
Penny gets primped. PERFECT PENNY
Is this "seeing red"? Not Bad,  All Done
Snip here, clip there. AHHH Styling!
Max gets a massage. Feels so much better!
Lots of brushing.  but, what results!!
Malibu, You are a STAR honey!
This is my "Happy Face"
Ewbee says.. "you talkin to me"?
Who you callin a meat mouth?
Queen Lexi is Squeaky Clean
Patch and Sophie find themselves in a
"Groom Off" between Marsha and Treasure
Grady gets His Groom On! Happy Boy!
Corie enjoys her new look! What a sweet girl!
Monet' the Magnificent has her day at the Spa!
Boots before and after with kisses in between
Judy and Murphy Lookin Good!
Kipper, the most handsome Boy in town!
Foxey gets the magic touch from Marsha
Noel just turned 15! Happy Birthday Noel!
Toby is ready for Best at Show
Little Luci Gets The Works
Miles and Chase get double teamed by Rock and Marsha
Check below for funny video... "Watch The Fur Fly"
Ginger, Daisy and Freedom all get their
turn. See below for funny "Help Me" video.
Hanna and her pal visit Precious Pets Spa
Callie, Pip, Bear,Chloe and Zoey
Have a Fabulous day at the Spa!
See video below.
Francios gets a "new leash on life"
Lilah and Missy         Puppy  and  Lexi all have their day at the spa.            And Rocky Too!
Cup Cake, What a good looking girl!
Jackson has all the right moves
Maggie's not sure.  But she is Ok now!
Angel has a fabulous day at the spa-What a perfect Angel
O'Mally, O'Mally, what a ham! Good Boy!
Noble Brody has his moment at the Spa
Hi, my name is Zack and I eat at IHOP every
My moma cut my hair,  Itty Bitty Better Now
Willy enjoys his Oatmeal and Aloe Wrap
Opal and Oynx have a nice relaxing Sunday at the Spa
If I just close my
eyes maybe she
will go away!
Midas, Happy Boy!
Milo, What a handsome boy!
Penny gets a nice warm spay bath..Happy Girl!
Champ gets ready for his bath...ready to Go!
Jagg gets his groom on...Handsome Boy!
Little Man waits as Taz looks on....Done!
Ricco's first groom, what a perfect angel~See video below
Jane Winters gets a scissor cut ~ Beautiful!
Heidi and Brunte enjoy their day in the Spa
(We do special request)
Bailey spends the day in the Spa.. Beautiful !
Angel and Judy get their "Doos"
Bengi                                 "JP"                        Sparkey
Amber gets ready for Christmas, "Beautiful"
Chi Chi enjoys her spa wrap..
Marsha adds the final touches.
18 year Old "Kitty Boy" Feels better now
Patch and Sophie are always Ready To GO!
Heidi's 128 pound smiling face. What a good girl!
Joey is ready for the  Westminster show
Sophie had a great time! Love that mug shot!
See us on the Video page click here
Angel Butters enjoys her Make Over!
Raven Butters Helps!
Dee Dee and Taz
get their Groom On
What a difference a
nice warm spa bath
will make!
Dee Dee and Buddy pose for the camera
Dee Dee turns 16 on Dec 16. Still Beautiful!
Babette enjoys her day at the Spa
Tia treats her Lasa cousins from New York and Miami
Jeb, Jessie, Jewel and Little Bitty from New York
This is how a Fox Terrier should look
Mokie, Millie and Sophie like it short and E-Z
Sammee turns into a handsome Prince
Action Jackson gets a haircut
Sparky Rice is "da Man"
Harriet is an Old English Sheep Dog
Emma the Chocolate NewFoundland gets
her new summer dress in January
Belle and Jordon have their day at the Spa
Travis, Snuffy, and Reb The Biggest Basset Hounds on the Planet
        We call them  "Low Riders"
Pretty Penny Ridgely