Over 20 Years in the Pet Care Industry
              Owner:  Precious Pets of Ormond Beach

Precious Pets Is A Very Special Service.

We bring to you the most modern grooming equipment and service available and the knowledge and
experience  to use it.

Your Pets Spa treatment begins with an "examination" from nose to tail.
By taking the time to do this, we can trouble shoot potential problem areas and can also recommend
"just the right clip" and shampoo best suited for your pets lifestyle, skin and coat condition.
After the exam and consultation,  we start the grooming process by clipping your pets
nails and then smoothing them with a high speed buffing tool to remove the sharp edges.
We  pluck  hair from you pets ears and  clean ears and  eyes. We also clip or scissor sanitary
areas i.e. face, belly, butt and feet.

All of our equipment is sanitized after EACH  pet, and certain blades and scissors are used
specifically for certain areas of the body. We use every means possible and the best products
available in the industry to insure cleanliness and sanitary conditions for your pet.
Next, (if requested) we scale and brush your pets teeth, always checking for tooth or gum
irregularities. We then use a rinse and apply a final gel to the teeth that helps stop tarter build
up and leaves the breath smelling clean and fresh.
Moving on to our stainless steel tub your pets anal glands are checked and expressed if necessary
to make sure your pet stays healthy and odor free.

Now it is time for your pets luxurious spa bath and your pet really does get a spa bath!
Our bathing system pulses warm streams of water and shampoo thru your pets coat that lifts
dead hair, skin and oils and rinses it all away.

We always give two spa bath treatments to ensure that your pet is as clean as possible and that
their skin and coat are prepped to receive the full benefit of our specialty shampoos and .rinses.
All areas of your pet are scrubbed and tearless shampoo is used on all faces.

We always make sure to wash between their toes and pads as this is always an odor problem area.
Lastly, We apply a rinse with mild conditioners and a sun screen to protect your pet from the
sun's harmful rays.
Next we hand dry EVERY PET. No pet is ever put in a cage with a dryer.
We hand dry your pet using the most modern and safe drying systems
The proof is in the results.

Our grooms last longer and hold that "Professional Look" for weeks.
Now that your pet is clean and the coat is brushed and fluffed, we begin the styling process.
We can modify breed cuts to suit you and your pets coat and lifestyle. Comfort and ease of
maintenance are our main objectives. We want your pet to look and feel his very best.

From Your Groomer:
"My Grooming Skills have passed the test of time".
I have owned three successful grooming business's in the past 20 years.
I attend grooming seminars and classes every year to stay on top and on the cutting edge of new
products, methods and technology that the industry has to offer.

Due to this further education and research I am always learning new techniques and finding more
efficient and safe ways to tend your pet.

Over the years I have also established a working relationship with two well known pet care
manufactures that always keep me up to date on the newest quality products on the market that
will ensure your pet receives the best care they can possibly receive.

"Our main goal is to make your pet look and feel their very best".

In Closing:
The very best thing about our service is the fact that your pet is our number one focus.
I care for your pet and your pet only while we are at your home or business.
I do not answer phones or engage in any other activity while grooming your pet.
They are Never left unattended at any time.

We "set your pet up for success" and reward and praise them every chance we get.
Using this technique and accentuating the positive makes even the most doubtful and nervous
pet more comfortable at Precious Pets Spa.

Thank You
Nikki Blouin
Precious Pets of Ormond Beach
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